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THE CITADEL MOBILE EMERGENCY ALERT FOB fits on your driver’s belt clip or on a lanyard around the neck. Activating the FOB triggers an immediate, real time alert, notifying local public safety and emergency services for dispatch.

Emergencies Come in Many Forms: Medical, Assault & Battery, Suspicious Vehicle, Suspicious Person, Robbery & Break-in, Vehicle Accident
The best Transportation Emergency alert technology available on the market today!
2 way voice communication internal speaker built in. fleet safetyNationwide coverage – operates on your local cellular network.
24/7 U.S. Based Nationwide Emergency Monitoring
Members of our dispatch team are highly skilled in quickly assessing the situation and contacting and dispatching the appropriate emergency services.

Simple and Portable – Functions anywhere you go, indoors and outside.
Vibration feature built in, promptly alerting the driver that the signal has been sent.
Easy to use – wear it around your neck and press the button when you need help.
No Installation needed – just take it out of the box, and start wearing it.

To test drive this amazing emergency alert system contact us today via email: or call us:

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