The Citadel Escort Mobile Emergency FOB fits on your driver’s belt clip or on a lanyard around the neck. Activating the FOB triggers an immediate, real time alert, notifying local public safety and emergency services for dispatch.

Owner Operators

Our device gives owner operators and their families peace of mind and an extra layer of protection.


Fleet safety managers can rest assured that they’ve given their drivers the fastest method to get help fast when the unexpected happens.

Bus Drivers

Pupil transportation professionals appreciate knowing that their bus drivers are able to call for help in the event of any emergency. It’s all about our children’s safety!

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Citadel Fleet’s Jim Rennie was recently interviewed by Mark Willis on the Road Dog Trucking Show at the Great American Trucking Show. Click below to listen.

The Citadel Mobile Driver Emergency Response System gives me a sense of comfort in knowing there is a priority connection to a Citadel emergency advisor only a push of a button away who will respond to an emergency within seconds. I carry it with me daily.

Ellen Voie CAE

President/CEO, Women In Trucking Association, Inc.

I think this device could be a real lifesaver, literally! Cost is very reasonable. The device is no bigger than most key fobs making it easy to wear on the lanyard or in my pocket. The service during testing has also been great. You are amazing!Seriously – excellent product.

Deb LaBree

Trucker, Castle Transportation

It is a great comfort knowing that whenever I’m delivering hazmat to rural areas with my phone out of reach I can always count on Citadel to help make sure that I return home safe to my family. This is one of the best decisions I ever made and I’m sorry it took this long.

Angelique Jones

Trucker, Hazardous Materials Driver Trainer

Top 5 reasons to join hands with our Citadel Escort technology and services:

Veteran Owned & Veteran Operated
All five branches of the military represented in our office and on our team working for you.

Credible, Trustworthy, Reliable
Our management team has over 100 years of significant leadership and management experience.  We have thousands of customers, all of whom trust and rely upon on us every day for safety and reliability.

24/7 Emergency Alert Monitoring Stations
Multiple U.S. based professionally staffed monitoring centers have extensive experience and expertise ready to deploy in any emergency.

Fast Response Times

Citadel offers the most rapid response times in the industry.

Very Affordable Solution

We have priced our services with the professional driver and fleet companies budgets in mind. We earn your business every month with no contracts. That’s confidence in what we do and how we do it.


Emergencies Come in Many Forms: Medical, Assault & Battery, Suspicious Vehicle, Suspicious Person, Robbery & Break-in, Vehicle Accident 

The best Transportation Emergency alert technology available on the market today! 

2 way voice communication internal speaker built in. fleet safetyNationwide coverage – operates on your local cellular network. 

24/7 U.S. Based Nationwide Emergency Monitoring

Members of our dispatch team are highly skilled in quickly assessing the situation and contacting and dispatching the appropriate emergency services.

Simple and Portable – Functions anywhere you go, indoors and outside. 

Vibration feature built in, promptly alerting the driver that the signal has been sent. 

Easy to use – wear it around your neck and press the button when you need help.

No Installation needed – just take it out of the box, and start wearing it.